Seungri Issues Apology for Recent Controversial Behavior on the Train

Recently, a photo of Seungri was uploaded on SNS showing the Big Bang member putting his barefoot on the window of a train in China. The photo received negative feedback claiming that Seungri was being rude such gesture.

In regard to this, Seungri has issued an apology today through his Weibo account. First of all he informs his fans that he's joining the filming of his first Chinese movie and thanks his fans. He writes,

"I'll be playing the bright, hardworking and lively "Winson" I hope you give your support. He then addresses the controversy by adding, "Regarding to the train incident recently, I'm really sorry for my actions. I've been reflecting and will be more careful next time. Sorry for disappointing everyone and I will make sure it won't happen again. I will work harder to return the love everyone has given me."

It's good that he apologizes and didn't let it aside.