Seungri Causes Too Much Trouble in a Bullet Train?

Chinese netizens are spreading photos of Big Bang's Seungri taken from his ride in a bullet train.

Initially, the photo of Seungri sleeping with his bare foot resting on the train's window stirs up controversy for lacking manners but some defend him saying he might have acted like that while sleeping.

However, seems like it's not the only trouble he got himself into. Another photo taken at the same setting shows a bullet train crew disassembling a chair next to Seungri's. According to a netizen's account, Seungri dropped his phone in between the seats and the phone was stuck and he couldn't get a way to retrieve it. Thus, making the crew disassemble the chair.

Netizens are calling out Seungri for causing too much trouble on his ride. What do you think about this?