Seohyun And Chanyeol Chinese Movie Hits 4.8B Won In Just One Day!

Source: Nate

[+499 -12] China is such a golden market for Hallyu stars...

[+460 -13] 4.8 billion won in just a day... normally Korean movies cost about 10 billion won to produce, now they managed to make half of that back in just a day. I guess that's why all the stars are leaving for China now...

[+267 -30] Seohyun's playing Irene, hmm? Fun hhkk

[+44 -8] Beautiful Seohyun! EXO and Soshi are hitting daebak with their movie

[+31 -39] Seohyun had the same "really" facial expression since her debut with her hands in front of her face like that... a bit bored of it now.