Sandara Park Is A Powerpuff Girl In Recent Event!

Source: Nate

[+496 -39] She dressed like that because she's attending a screening for an animation movie, why nag at her to dress her age? kkkk She looks young and pretty, leave her alone ㅠ

[+442 -36] She looks cute hh She's dressed like that because it's an animation screening

[+353 -29] So many hateful people here. She's never done drugs like other member and it's not like she asks for these articles to write about how young she looks. Maybe she's dressed like that because she likes that style? Mind your own business..

[+24 -16] She's pretty but not talented

[+22 -5] She's gorgeous ㅠㅠ, wondering why YG doesn't do more with a visual like hers...