Netizens React Negatively to Onew's 'Rookie Award'

Apparently, not everyone is happy for SHINee's Onew, who is overwhelmed to have received a 'Rookie Award' from "Scene Stealer Festival 2016" for his acting on popular drama 'Descendants of the Sun'.

While fans and some netizens agreed that Onew was indeed a scene stealer on the drama, some netizens vent out their disappointment. A top trending news article on Nate has top comments that read as follows:

[+1325,-26]????? that kind of acting from Descendants of the Sun received an award???

[+1204,-26] ???

[+1114,-31] Onew whose acting you don't know if he's crying or laughing?

[+67,-1] oh I saw that, that facial expression on Descendants of the Sun (talking about his crying during thank you speech)

Some expressed that his acting in the drama doesn't give justice to his rookie acting award while others defend that it was the character he had to portray that is problematic. What do you think?