NCT127 Taeyong Apologizes in Tears for Past Controversy

NCT127 Taeyong makes a sincere and tearful apology on today's V-live broadcast of NCT Life.

During his solo interview, Taeyong brought up once again his past controversy and how he regretted his foolish actions and working harder to be a better person that his fans wouldn't be ashamed to like.

He started off by confessing that he only thinks about the regretful things he did before he debuted and that he couldn't take the wrongdoings he made out of his mind. He also expresses that he should've acted right earlier and sincerely apologizes to the people who were hurt by him. Furthermore, Taeyong shares that he is working hard to be a better person that his members and fans who believe in him would be more proud.

Taeyong chokes up and tears up while saying "I'm even more sorry for crying like this" and covers his face with his both hands. To his fans, Taeyong expresses his gratitude for liking him despite his past issues and to his members, he is also grateful for liking and believing in him.