'Me Before You' Author Jojo Moyes Hopes For Seventeen Wonwoo's Recovery

Seventeen Wonwoo, who skipped 'Very Nice' promotions to recover completely received a well-deserved message from a special person.

The author of best-selling novel "Me Before You" which is now a major motion picture, Jojo Moyes gave a shoutout to Wonwoo.

Apparently, a fan tweet mentioned Jojo Moyes on Twitter informing her that Wonwoo had his birthday and that he's currently resting requesting for a greeting for Wonwoo. As generous as she is, Jojo Moyes replied,

FYI, Wonwoo has been recommending the book 'Me Before You' to fans and Carats and a self-claimed fan of the book. Many Carats has read the book and even watched the movie because of Wonwoo's recommendation.