Lee Min Jung Goes Sweet Date With Lee Byung Hun!

Source: Nate

[+577 -76] Ever since the scandal, I noticed that Lee Min Jung has been managing her looks much harder. She has no fat on her face, I actually feel bad for her.

[+548 -125] Just looks like the pitiful face of a woman who married the wrong man

[+119 -12] I'm feeling bad for this aunty... all you need is to pick the right boyfriend or husband for yourself. Prioritize his character over looks, specs, or money making ability. You only have one moment to make a choice but that will determine the rest of your life.

[+54 -12] She's a 36 year old ajumma who can't act for crap

[+34 -5] I was wondering what made her look so off and it looks like she's losing hair...