Kris and Luhan Reach Settlement with SM Entertainment With Some Conditions

The long legal endeavor has now come to an end. Kris and Luhan are officially no longer associated with EXO  after reaching settlement with SM Entertainment along with some conditions.

Today, July 21st, both sides of Luhan and Kris release official statement regarding the matter. The contract dispute the two former EXO members filed are now dismissed and both can continue their career freely except in Japan and Korea. In regards to the existing contracts of Luhan and Kris with SM Entertainment, they are to remain artists under SM Entertainment until 2022 but won't be no longer a part of EXO.

According to a legal representative from SM, the specific details regarding the settlement cannot be disclosed but it's a fact that Kris and Luhan have to maintain their exclusive contract with SM until 2022 meaning, Luhan and Kris can now freely work as individual artists but will keep the revenue distribution with SM Entertainment until their exclusive contracts expire in the said year.

In short the settlement conditions are as follow:

1. Maintain the contract validity until 2022.
2. Wu YiFan and LuHan can continue their career and respective activities without SM Entertainment's consent anywhere except Japan and Korea.
3. Must distribute their revenue with SM Entertainment until 2022.