JYP Drops Teaser & Flattering Words for Fei's Solo Debut

JYP just lifts up the spirit of not only fans but also Fei as he drops an flattering message prior to Fei's solo debut.

On instagram, JYP wrote,

"Um Jeong Hwa, Park Ji Yoon, Ivy, Sunmi and now my 5th muse! When producing a female solo artist the most important thing is to reveal her hidden attraction. This artist, her charm is very rare cuz she has the warmth and the sexiness at the same time.
Usually girls have one or the other but she has both so the song includes the two sides of her called #AnythingFantasy Coming 19th 0am..."

Along with the beautiful message is a teaser image of Fei and words such as "It's ok it's ok" and "Fantasy". Ready yourself for Fei's solo debut on July 18.