Jung Hyung Don announces his official departure from 'Infinity Challenge'

Such a sad news! Jung Hyung Don will be leaving 'Infinity Challenge' due to health reasons.

FNC Entertainment released an official statement on July 28th,"Jung Hyung Don, who has taken a hiatus for the past 9 nine months from broadcasts due to his health conditions, has made a difficult decision to officially leave 'Infinity Challenge'. Since he has been taking a break for so long so he's not confident enough to handle the pressure of 'Infinity Challenge'".

A rep of 'Infinity Challenge' said,"Jung Hyung Don's health has been recovered a bit and he expressed the desire to make his comeback to the show last May. We have recently discussed a specific date for his return. However, from the moment he made his desicion, he was overwhelmed with mental pressure again","The 'Infinity Challenge' staff and members all sincerely wish for his recovery and return, but we realize that we can give Jung Hyung Don more burden and pressure. Now we only quietly wish for his full recovery and will continue supporting him"