Infinite to hold special exhibition 'History of INFINITE'

Infinite will hold a special exhibition to celebrate their 6th anniversary.

Woollim Entertainment announced,"We will be holdimg 'History of INFINITE' exhibition from August 3 to 7. It will be a special event for everyone who will partcipate in 'That Summer 3' concert".

The exhibition will gather all the moments from Infinite's debut till now through 6 years. It will have three sections: The History, That Summer and World Tour. It will include many unseen behind the scene photos, footage and outfits from various activities as well as a recreations of music video sets in order to provide an enjoyable experience for the fans.

The agency said,"Infinite directly involved in the planning of this exhibition, so it will be an even more special event for the fans. There will be various never-before-seen merchandise so please look forward to it a lot".

'History of INFINITE' will take place Samsung Blue Square Complex Cultural Space NEMO.