Chinese Netizens Bombard Yoona to Comment on South China Sea Ruling

SNSD's Yoona, who is receiving great popularity in China is being bombarded by Chinese netizens on her SNS asking her opinion on the recent South China Sea ruling.

Netizens are continuously flocking on her comment section on Instagram and Weibo with messages like "Do not disappoint us. Please raise your support to China". As of now, such related comments have reached to a whopping 10 million. On the other hand, South East Asian supporters have also gathered and left comments like "I have faith in Yoona. South China Sea is not China's," prompting even more heated debate on her SNS.

Meanwhile, the recent ruling by the arbitral tribunal stated that China has no right to claim sovereignty over the South China Sea is currently the most heated discussion internationally and some Chinese idols have already voiced out their nationalistic opinion and received mixed reactions from netizens and fans.

Do you think idols should be involved in this?