Actor Kim Min Seok Embarrasses Twice's Nayeon & Dahyun?

On the recent broadcast of SBS 'Flower Crew' Twice's Nayeon and Dahyun make surprise appearance.

On this day, Dahyun and Nayeon are asked whether they know Kim Min Seok and both of the girls agreed. Min Seok feels grateful and shakes their hand while asking "Isn't Jeongyeon coming?" making Nayeon and Dahyun a bit flustered and act as if they're about to leave making the set even more livelier.

In regard to this, Ah Jeong Hwan reveals that Minseok told them yesterday that he likes Jeongyeon in which Minseok coolly admits and adds, "She's pretty and slim". Meanwhile, Kim Min Seok is MC-ing Inkigayo with Twice Jeongyeon and her sister Seungyeon. Seems like they've gotten close. Check out the cut below: