Yunho, Eunhyuk And More Spotted In Military Music Video!

Source: Nate

[+293 -30] TVXQ's final boss Yunho

[+285 -11] Yunho still has this one thing about him that is still so cringe kkkk, you can tell he's trying his best to give it all, but it is funny kkk he still looks cool though

[+260 -27] He's got good character, that's one thing he's known for

[+29 -6] Frankly as a man, if I were to pick two saints, it'd be Moon Hee Jun and Yunho. Yunho even forgave the anti fan who fed him poison in drink. He earns saint status for that.

[+29 -8] After all those news about that sexual assault guy, it makes you realize that Yunho has it all, from character, skills to even his handsome looks.