YG Boss Yang Hyun Suk Goes Shopping With His Two Kids!

Source: Nate
  • [+577 -20] Kids born in diamond spoons
  • [+575 -18] In future whatever schools they end up going to, they need not to worry about paying singers to come and perform at their school events hhh
  • [+428 -15] I like how the son dressed, he always has a hat on, grow up healthy kids ^^
  • [+28 -3] The best thing for a woman is married to a good man ^^
  • [+21 -1] I looked at Lee Eun Ju's Instagram, she has a picture of the kids on a Lamborghini... diamond spoons indeed kkkk
  • [+21 -2] As scandalous as YG is, I bet they're the parents for the kids... and he seems like a good father too.