Yang Jung Won Under Fire For Back-Stabbing Secret's Hyosung!

Source: Yang Jung Won under controversy for talking behind Hyosung "I think she got surgery on her gums"

  • [+1,027 -45] She totally got caught for acting like a fox kkk
  • [+962 -43] Why are you taking your gum complex out on Hyosung kkkk foxy
  • [+817 -39] The staffs are being so disrespectful, saying that there was no ill intent behind Jung Won's words, but it's obviously that this is not something Jun Hyosung or her fans would enjoy hearing
  • [+175 -6] The way how she said is implying that Hyosung had to get it done to look pretty, whereby she is still looking sweet even with her natural gums kkkkkk, from women mind, it's like when you gossip about your plastic friend just to show off that you're all natural
  • [+146 -4] Typical foxy style... Dragging others just to make herself look better. She wanted to emphasize that she never got work done on her gums, thus she put Hyosung down, when she's not even sure whether she got surgery on them.
  • [+82 -11] She beats Taeyeon in terms of acting like a fox