U-Kiss Soohyun Can't Take Seventeen DK's Overflowing Support To 'Stalker'

There's a cute interaction between Seventeen's DK and his sunbae of 7 years U-Kiss Soohyun.

Upon the release of U-Kiss new album "Stalker", Seventeen's DK immediately sent Soohyun a proof shot of streaming which Soohyun finds to be adorable and even posts about it on his instagram. Soohyun uploads a screenshot of their Kakaotalk conversation as well,

Seventeen DK: *proof shot*
Soohyun: heol
this guy
Seventeen DK: Yeps
leave the streaming to me
Soohyun: kkkkkkk ah so funny kkkkkkk
Seventeen DK: I'll watch the broadcast too
Soohyun: you're streaming already though kkkkk

Soohyun captions his post with "Cute Dokyeom-ie". Seems like Soohyun is lucky to have such supportive and adorable hoobae! Meanwhile, this is not the first time a Seventeen member melted their sunbaes with their charms as Seungkwan also sent a proof shot of his streaming to B.A.P's Youngjae before. Such wonderful boys!