Tak Jae Hoon & Lee Sang Min Get Flustered Due To A Daring Female Model

'God of Music 2' Tak Jae Hoon and Lee Sang Min are caught off guard because of their female model in their latest magazine pictorial.

On the recent episode, the making of their pictorial is aired and the two men are looking neat in coats but the appearance of a voluptuous female wearing a daring swimsuit is catching attention. The female model is revealed to be Miss Maxim  Jun Woo Seung.

The female model makes provocative poses behind them making both Tak Jae Hoon and Lee Sang Min embarrassed and flustered. In the midst of the pictorial, Jae Hoon even suggests, "Let's take a rest for a bit".

Netizens also react and comment, "Is it proper to broadcast this?","If you dress like that and it is aired on TV, wouldn't you be embarrassed meeting people afterwards?","Wow that's so provocative!","Who is the female model? It doesn't seem like a typical swimsuit.","But they are smiling though"