T-ara's Soyeon Reveals The Secret To Their Group's Longevity

T-ara is now on their 8th year.

T-ara member Soyeon unleashes her chic appearance in her solo pictorial for bnt. She wears various outfits in an all-white and neutral theme showcasing a modern and cosmopolitan concept.

Aside from the pictorial, Soyeon also has an interview where she shares the secret to T-ara's longevity. She reveals, "We listen to what the company says very well." She adds, "We have to consult among the members as well. For idols, the company stands as our parents. You have to tell them everything and they will suggest what is the good path to take then you follow."

Soyeon also shares what she thinks the ingredient to T-ara's popularity and that is T-ara is a group that can present a beautiful and cool performance as well as music that can appeal to all ages. See photos of Soyeon from bnt pictorial below: