Suzy & Kim Woobin Make Us Kilig In BTS of 'Uncontrollably Fond'

So we're using the word "kilig" here coz Kim Woobin and Suzy's awkward yet cute interaction in the behind the scene of their poster making for "Uncontrollably Fond" is giving us thrilling sensation. We can also take a look at their first script reading and more.

Meanwhile, "Uncontrollably Fond" premieres on July 6 . Watch the video below and try not to be "kilig".

Note: Acc. to Oxford English Dictionary:

kilig, adj. and n.
A. adj.Of a person: exhilarated by an exciting or romantic experience; thrilled, elated, gratified.
B. n.Exhilaration or elation caused by an exciting or romantic experience; an instance of this, a thrill.