Sulli's Recent Swimsuit Photo Shoots Garner Much Attention From K-Netizens!

Source: Naver

  • [+9176 -282] There's a clear difference in Sulli before and after Choiza
  • [+5405 -307] What's up with the diaper?
  • [+4562 -457] She's just blah for now
  • [+5382 -920] The way she laughs look like Oh Nami kkkk
  • [+3863 -577] She starts to look like Chun Ja
  • [+1215 -71] She used to have the innocent and fresh looking to her, but she's a bit scary, what kind of smiling is that?
  • [+1040 -71] An attention seeker with neither sexy nor innocent

Wondering who is ChunJa and Oh Nami?
Oh Nami