K-Netizens' Reaction On The Name Of JellyFish New Girl Group! Gugudan?!

Source: Naver

Gugudan means times table in Korean
  • [+8486 -55] Seriously, JellyFish did you really have to do that?
  • [+6227 -37] So their name is Gugudan now kk, the fans said they hate GX9, then they just turn it into Gugudan kk
  • [+5032 -49] Gugudan kkkk
  • [+3223 -236] Actually, I did not expect their name to be Gugudan... kkk, please come out with good songs
  • [+3152 -301] What kind of name is that kkkk, but i still love them
  • [+760 -7] Whoever came up with the name, please get on the floor
  • [+765 -20] Hi I'm Sejung, number fives of the times table ㅠㅠ