[Rumors] K-Netizens Discuss About EXO's Lay Situation In China! A Contract Worth 113 Billion?!


My uncle working in a management company around China and Taiwan. He told me that a lot of Chinese Companies outside Korea are looking for the opportunity to take Lay, it's more than anyone could have ever expected. One of the companies even offered him a contract that worth  around 113 Billion (approximately 96 Million USD, 633 Million RMB), but even this he completely ignored them, he doesn't even allow them to contact/approach him. Besides my uncle said that SM Ent is currently taking legal actions against them. Lay said he is going to stick with Exo no matter what, and he is going to reject all these offers. I am a fan of actor, but my friend told me to ask about this from my uncle, so I did!

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