I.O.I's Sejeong & Mina To Debut Under Jellyfish New Girl Group

JellyFish Entertainment makes announcement today that their artists Sejeong and Mina who are members of I.O.I are going to debut under their upcoming new girl group.

According to the agency the preparation for the debut of their girl group has been planned including Sejeong, Mina and other trainees. The girls have been practicing and preparing while sharing the same goal of debuting together and together with Sejeong and Mina, the group is one step closer to their dream.

The agency continues that Sejeong and Mina have successfully completed I.O.I's first promotions and their new girl group is aiming for a debut within this month.They will release the final line up, concept, debut date, members' information and more later on.

Meanwhile, I.O.I is now preparing for their 2nd promotions as a unit with other members seem to be not participating such as Chaeyeon, who is making a comeback with DIA and Sejeong, Mina for Jellyfish's new girl group.