EXO's Suho Impresses With His Mouthwatering EXO-Inspired Cake

EXO's leader Suho once again proves that he's beyond capable and even gets his hands on making a mouthwatering cake.

On his V-app special where he briefly turned into a pastry chef, Suho passionately designed a cake which he claims to be an EXO-inspired one. Why so? According to Suho, the chocolate powder is Kai's skin, colorful sprinkles is Sehun's hair, and the facial features he draws on the cake represent one member: Baekhyun's right eye, D.O.'s left eye, Chanyeol's ears, Lay's dimples, Xiumin's nose and Chen's mouth.

So how does the aesthetic turned out? Hmmm not bad. How about the taste? We wouldn't know XD