EXO's Practice Video & Audio For New Song Leaked?

Fans are in a bittersweet chaos after a particular dance practice video and snippet of their new song "Monster" are leaked on SNS.

While most of EXO-Ls request everyone to delete and stop spreading the links of leaked practice video and audio, others are calm about it and even comment that they are used to leaked videos and songs whenever there is EXO's comeback and that it can't be controlled anymore since many fans have already spread the video.

In the alleged dance practice video, EXO members are seen wearing black and dancing smoothly to a new choreography and showcasing new formations. Though no one can confirm if the boys are dancing to their new song, fans are already hyped up and liking the dance moves and beat of the song.

Meanwhile, EXO's anticipated comeback with 3rd full album will be on June 9.