Choo Sarang's 'Marilyn Monroe' Pose Gets Mixed Reaction

Note: Original photo not shared because we <3 Sarang.

Although Choo Sung Hoon appa has only have intention to make our day by sharing a mischievous photo of Sarang, seems like not everyone is pleased.

Choo Seong Hoon shares a photo of Sarang doing her own Marilyn Monroe pose on his instagram.
In the photo, Sarang makes her own interpretation of the trademark pose by lifting her dress and hanging it to their luggage while making a mischievous facial expression. The caption is read as "Little Marilyn Monroe❤️"

However, netizens give different reaction to the photo. While others express how Sarang looks as bright as usual, others are anxious and even give advice to Choo Sung Hoon suggesting that even if Sarang is a child, her underpants should be covered and such photo shouldn't be posted online.

Concerned netizen also adds that nowadays there are perverts who are using kids' photographs for filthy online communities. What do you think?