After School Lizzy Shocks Fans With Her Thin Figure!


  • [+213 -25] Being just thin isn't beautiful, she needs to work out more or something else, because i feel bad with how thin she looks now
  • [+186 -9] I heard that people need to take anthelmintics, if you just don't gain weight despite how much you eat
  • [+157 -21] Women need not to lose weight for the pleasure of men... it makes me laugh when I often see men comment on articles about diets saying that men don't like skinny women
  • [+14 -8] Men don't like women who are too skinny... we like those with healthy figure
  • [+12 -3] I'm jealous. People often discuss about apple hips or honey thighs all they want, but skinny bodies like her suits the most in clothes. Men might dislike that figure, but i bet 9 out of 10 women like Lizzy's body, they would change if they can
  • [+11 -6] Men usually prefer a normal body with big chest