2AM Jinwoon Cracks Up By Claiming To Be An EXO & Twice Member

Sense of humor? Jeong Jinwoon has plenty of this!

Now active as a solo singer, Jeong Jinwoon recently cracked fans up on Twitter with his jokes. Jinwoon not only replies some fans on Twitter but also plays joke with them.

A fan shares on Twitter how his/her mother doesn't know any EXO members aside from Jeong Jinwoon which Jinwoon especially replies with "Assa! I've become EXO kk". Moreover,  another user writes how Jeong Jinwoo becomes associated as member of 2PM, 2AM and 2NE1 and Jinwoo wittily adds, "Twice" and adds "Sha sha sha".

Later on, another user seems to have been really confused and asks "But.. which group Jeong Jinwoon is in? I only see his name..oh..B1A4?" In regard to this, Jinwoon finally explains,

"I come out as solo from 2AM and become Twice and then just recently a mother ordered me to become EXO (referring to his earlier tweets)". Jinwoo so funny!

Meanwhile, Jinwoo is currently promoting as solo artist under the name Jeong Jinwoon with his first maxi single "Will" after leaving JYP and transferring to Mystic Entertainment.