YG Ent Confirms Jang Hana Is Not Part Of Their New Girl Group! + K-netizens Reaction

Much to everyone's surprise, YG Entertainment has confirmed that Jang Hana is not part of their upcoming girl group.

An agency official stated on May 19th,"It's difficult to reveal the members now but it's true that Jang Hana won't be joining the new girl group".

It was reported yesterday that YG Entertainment will debut their rookie girl group this July, which resulted in many people believing the lineup to include Jenny Kim, Kim Ji Soo, Moon Sua and Jang Hana, so this news sure has surprised everyone.

Jang Hana first appeared on SBS's 'K-Pop Star 3' and later joining YG Entertainment as a trainee. She was the feature artist in Jinusean's 2015 remake single 'Tell Me One More Time'.

Some translated comments from K-Netizens

 +2254 -49 Yeah, Jang Hana is much better off solo 
+1858 -46 I remembered that YG's plan was to put her as solo a singer. 
+1655 -53 Yang Hyun Suk has such consistent preferences...Gummy, Lee Hi, Jang Hana, Katie Kim.. 
+900 -41 So when is Jang Hana going to debut then... 
+813 -146 I am pretty sure Kim Ji Soo is still in the group, she's very pretty, can't wait