'The Current 4 Legendary Innocent Beauties'! + K-netizens Reactions Suzy Wins?

Below are translated comments from K-Netizens

  • [+837 -114] Suzy wins!!
  • [+713 -113] Let's not mention Kinddokkang (he is referring to Seolhyun reagarding the historical issue) for this
  • [+454 -60] Suzy is the most beautiful
  • [+326 -39] Other than Suzy, the rest are almost on par with each other, thus Suzy wins
  • [+329 -50] Nobody cares how innocent you look, when you don't even know your own country's history. Elementary kids know about Ahn Joong Geun.
  • [+313 -42] Leave the tin can from this (referring to Seolhyun)
  • [+257 -34] FNC Ent still want to promote her? Tin cans should be excluded
  • [+239 -36] I can hear some voices from an empty tin can
  • [+137  -12] People with eyes can tell, Seolhyun, Chaeyeon are in different levels 
  • [+143 -26] Wondering is this article an issue played by Seolhyun's or Chaeyeon's agency?

SNSD Yoona

Miss A Suzy

AOA Seolhyun

IOI Chaeyeon
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Miss A (Suzy)
AOA (Seolhyun)
SNSD (Yoona)
IOI (Chaeyeon)
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