Teddy To Produce For YG New Girl Group; Reveal One Member Per Week! + K-netizens Comments

The debut of YG Entertainment's new girl group is right around the corner!

According to multiple officials on May 30th, Teddy will be the producer for the group and the members will be officially introduced one by one starting this week. The concept is said to be 'Crush Girl' which is unique and different from 2NE1.

Yang Hyun Suk stated,"They have been training for a long time and their skills have been confirmed. We have trained them like in the military. They have a different atmosphere to them which don't feel like the 'second 2NE1'. It's our first girl group in 7 years so we're a little bit burdened but we're also confident".

Stay tuned for more updates on YG's new girl group.

  • [+1,130 -29] They said they will release the members few years ago, but nothing came out, and now they said it again
  • [+910 -46] Never trust YG because you can always get a who's next teaser for a debut or comeback, but then end up with nothing. What happened to Big Bang's full album, Winner's EXIT, etc?
  • [+725 -77] Should provide more support to iKON and Winner
  • [+472 -31] Is this for real? I feel pity for the trainees in this group...
  • [+206 -19] What is the point of releasing one member each time... Seriously YG must be thinking to themselves that 'this will create public curiosity, right?'