Sulli Made Her Instagram Account Private! 'A language Of Your Own' + K-netizens Reaction

Sulli Made Her Instagram Account Private!

On 18th May, fans noticed that Sulli' Instagram account is no longer visible for public. According to reliable source, it was reported that Sulli decided to make her account private. 

According to fans, before she made her account private, her last update was'A language Of Your Own'.

Below are some translated comments from K-netizens

1. +289 -16 Trust me, soon later she will be back like' Did you miss meee?' and she will upload a bunch of pictures at once. Need not to worry guys. Stop judging that she had broken up with Choiza...

2.+166 -29 I'm so sick of her, good riddance. I hope she stays away from SNS for good.

3.+164 -8 Wonder what are writers going to write for the article now

4.+16 -1 She will be back very soon, kikiki