Pledis Girlz To Hold Weekly Performances To Meet Fans

Seventeen's hoobaes, Pledis Girlz who are currently trainees, are holding their first concert and a group photo of the 10 members is unveiled.

Pledis announces through Pledis Girlz official Facebook account that the group is kicking off their weekly (every Saturday) performance with the first one taking place on May 14 at 5PM. The ticket is free but limited to 250 people.

It's a good opportunity for fans who have been following the girls since their trainee days. Pledis Girlz are composed of 10 members including Seongyeon, Yebin, Caila, Siyeon, Minkyung, Eunwoo, Yewon, Kyungwon and Nayoung, Kyeolkyung who are currently promoting with I.O.I. Are we expecting their debut soon?