Once Again YG Ent Under Fire For Releasing The 'Who's Next' Poster!

YG Entertainment is ready with their upcoming act.

On May 25th, a new poster was released which shows an image of a typewriter together with the text 'Who's Next? Very Soon'.

Many people have speculated that it might be related to iKON as they have been dropping teasers recently, while some guessed that it can be Sech Kies or the new group.

Stay tuned for more updates!


  • [+4297 -162] YG Ent is such attention whor* kkk
  • [+3106 -172] Am I only the one who hates these who's next posters? wish they would really stop that
  • [+2754 -90] It matters because YG Ent has tons of artists, while all of them get 2 years hiatus and barely comebacks
  • [+2216 -116] Now i'm not curious over these posters anymore 
  • [+492 -20] Please stop this really