Kahi Is 3-Months Pregnant, Was It A Shotgun Wedding?

First of all, congratulations to soon-to-be mother Kahi!

News of Kahi being pregnant for 3 months is confirmed by her agency today. In regard to this, netizens start questioning if her wedding to the Incase CEO, that took place on March 26, was a shotgun wedding.

It turns out that Kahi is already more than a month pregnant before her wedding took place. Although that time, the news of her wedding was also shrouded with rumors of shotgun wedding, Kahi denied the issue.

On this matter, the agency clarifies that Kahi and her husband weren't aware that Kahi is already pregnant before their wedding and only found it out later on. Meanwhile, Kahi is expected to give birth to their first child in November. Congratulations to Kahi and her husband!