K-Netizens Launch Fiercer, Harsher Criticism Towards SUJU Kangin Upon SM Ent Official Statement!

Previously we have reported that Super Junior's Kangin get himself involved in a DUI Accident, SM Ent tried to cool down the anger of public, by releasing an official statement, stating that currently Kangin is in deep reflection and will halt all his activities immediately, but based on the comments from K-Netizens, it seems that the statement did not work as expected. 

Below are some translated comments by K-netizens

  • [+37,971 -315] Need not to reflect, stay off the TV forever, still can't believe it's the second time already
  • [+29,540 -254] Reflect? If he did reflect at the first time, this will not happen, he really can't afford a driver for himself? He's a star, the got money, why is he driving drunk?
  • [+27,956 -244]Instead of halting and reflecting,  He should be retiring, kkkk
  • [+22,693 -171] This is second time already...
  • [+18,945 -189] Halting activities instead of retiring?kkkk
  • [+5,561 -40] His is a punk, a delinquent to the bone kkk, if he isn't an idol, he would have ended up as a neighborhood thug kkkk
  • [+4,936 -39] Reflecting is not a solution for him, Kim Sang Hyuk was kicked out for the first time, why he should get away with second time?
  • [+3,212 -27] Just keep him off the TV for good.


  • [+1,956 -13] Halt what activities? Is this a joke? He should retire from the industry for good. I don't want to see someone who repeats the same mistakes on TV
  • [+1,712 -8] Halt activities > comeback > halt activities> comeback kkk amazing
  • [+1,424, -7] Will never forget, throw him into the jail
  • [+79 -1] He should be kicked out from the industry