K-Netizens Comments About Taeyeon's Face From Debut to Present!


  • [+220 -84] The current picure looks scary...
  • [+158 -270] Previously she was young, she had a very different hairstyle and makeup. Before she got beauty care, she was chubbier, of course she looks different. The second picture is a selca, it's from a different angle. Her face changes a lot with different hairstyles and contact lenses.
  • [+138 -31] She lost a lot of weight
  • [+81 -6] Honestly, it's obvious she got her eyes and nose done, with multiple nose jobs.
  • [+73 -9] She was cute, but now she is fancily pretty
  • [+71 -13] She is still Taengoo
  • [+71 -28] Weight loss, beauty care, makeup, and bit of work done... Of course her face would change. You expect her to look the same as 2007? My pictures from 2 years ago look really different.
  • [+64 -22]It's 9 years already, thus no way her face would not change, she is 20 in the first picture, and 27 in the second picture. But no worries, she is still beautiful