Park Shin Hye Shocks Fans With Significant Weight Loss!+ K-Netizens Comments

Photo taken from Park Shin Hye's Instagram '#Doctors#YuHyeJong the day filming for teaser☀️👉🏻👈🏻🚑🎈🙏🏻🙋'


  • [+1,383 -41] She looked fresh and beutiful when she weight more on her, but currently she looks older with so much weight loss, I feel bad for her
  • [+1,029 -18] She looked way beautiful with more flesh, even she was chubbier though...
  • [+314 -4] Sometimes losing weight does not guarantee that you will become prettier
  • [+291 -5] Seriously she looks weird and not beautiful here... get back to your old weight, Shin Hye-ya...
  • [+265 -7] She was prettier and chubbier. But now she looks normal and exhausted.