I.O.I Yujeong Embroiled In Attitude Controversy, Agency Responds

Choi Yujeong of rookie girl group I.O.I is under fire for her rude behavior on her recent appearance from KBS 'Vitamin' which aired on May 19.

On various ocmmunity sites, screencaptures of Yujeong appearing uninterested among the guest, playing with her nails, and not focusing on the program unlike the other guests are uploaded and receive negative feedback from netizens.

Netizens comment, "She's not concentrating well","She's still a rookie and already giving unlikeable image" while others defend her with "I've watched the broadcast but didn't notice this","It's unfair to accuse her with just this one.","Just be careful next time".

In response to this, Yujeong agency Fantagio states, "She's must have been very tired because of the tight schedule. It's indeed immature and we will pay attention and show a better Choi Yujeong in the future."