Finally Met- Heechul Stunned By Handsome Look-Alike Seventeen Jun

Super Junior Heechul and Seventeen's Jun have finally met!

Seventeen's Jun, who has been garnering attention for his strong resemblance to Super Junior Heechul. even during his pre-debut, has finally met one of the sunbaes he looks up to.

On his visit to Music Core today, Heechul didn't end the day without taking a must-selfie with Jun, as Seventeen is currently promoting their song "Pretty U". The Super Junior member immediately shares their selfie on his Weibo account and even captions,

"He really resembles me. That little kid has grown big like this. It's heartwarming, we're really look alike especially seeing him in person. I want to ask why is he so handsome when I first saw him. He resembles me."

Fans are glad that one their wishful thoughts has finally happened! They are indeed twinning, aren't they?