[BREAKING] SUJU Kangin Investigated For A DUI Accident + SM Ent Statement +K-Netizens Open Fire

Super Junior's Kangin has involved in a drunk driving accident again.

According to Seoul Gangnam Police Department, Kangin was driving his Mercedes-Benz at 2AM KST on May 24th then he crashed into a streetlight in front of a convenience store in Sinsadong, Gangnam, which was later reported to the police by the store owner. However, Kangin wasn't presented at the scene when the police arrived but they were able to indentify that it was him who caused the accident.

Later in the morning, the singer was questioned by the police which he said,"I remember hitting something but I didn't know that it was a streetlight". His blood alcohol level was reportedly at 0.05%, which is enough to suspense his driving license according to Korean law. The police also stated that they are still investigating whether he fled the scene on purpose or not.

Regarding this issue, SM Entertainment has officially stated,"Kangin's DUI accent is true. He went to the local police station this afternoon and received an investigation at an arranged time, Kangin is deeply reflect on his actions and will stop all entertainment-related activities for self-reflection. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing you worry".

Kangin was also charged with a hit-and-run DUI accident back in 2009.

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Below are some translated comments by K-Netizens

  • [+7023 -23] He still has not woken up
  • [+5115 -19] Woah after his drunk hit and run in 2009, now again?
  • [+4788 -34] Again another drunk driving case, why isn't he get jailed yet?
  • [+3951 -27] He was lucky enough, cause it's a streetlight
  • [+3627 -23] Thought i was looking at the news in 2009
  • [+183  -0] Aigoo, how many times already
  • [+166 -1] He better leave the group
  • [+121 -0] If I were him, i wouldn't drink, he got some mental issues


  • [+531 -4] He's still not awaken yet
  • [+482 -4] Make him into the jail
  • [+459 -4] Him again?  
  • [+45 -1] SM Ent shouldn't let him appear on TV anymore  
  • [+41 -1] He has the money for a Benz, why not a driver?  
  • [+33 -1] I can only laugh, people just don't change