[Poll] Battle Between Rash Guard Style: Seolhyun VS Sulli!+ K-Netizens Reactions

Source Nate

Recently, K-netizens had a discussion and comparison in the online community forum of Nate, about the visual and the appearance of rash guard style wearing in between AOA's member Seolhyun and Sulli. Check out their comments below, and tell us what do you think?

  • [+1,012 -158] Based on these pictures, Sulli
  • [+773 -137] Is that the only pose Seolhyun knows?
  • [+653 -230] I'm sure in one thing, both are disliked
  • [+7 -19] Based on the appearance(visual), Sulli lacks nothing. She was born in the correct generation, where the visual appearance is all that matters
  • [+58 -16] Sulli WINS
  • [+45 -16] Kinddokkang VS SNS addict
  • [+43 -6] Woah... Sulli looks way classy than Seolhyun
  • [+43 -8] Based on the visual alone, Sulli's very beautiful
Who Look Better In Rash Guard Style?
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