Ahn JaeHyun Melts Us With His Romantic Marriage Proposal

Every girl wants a romantic guy and Goo Hye Sun is just lucky to have Ahn Jae Hyun as her groom!

Ahn JaeHyun, of course wants their fans to get a glimpse of their beautiful love story and shares a photo from his romantic marriage proposal to soon-to-be bride Goo Hye Sun.

On his instagram, he uploads a video clip of Goo Hye Sun sitting on the trunk of a car with a beautifully arranged bouquet that Ahn Hae Hyun prepared. We can also hear him laughing and saying "Beautiful" while getting closer to hsi girlfriend."

He also uploads a clear picture of the bouquet with the caption "For my May bride". He is so sweet, isn't he? Meanwhile, the two will tie the knot on May 21.