Ahn Jaehyun & Goo Hye Sun Met A Kid, A Family-like Appearance?

The sweetest and most romantic, soon-to-be married celebrity couple Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun keep the love in the air.

A photo of the couple with an adorable kid inside a plane is being shared on SNS. Jaehyun and Hye Sun are sitting beside each other with the kid in the middle. In the photo, the two are holding the boy's hands and the actress seem to be amused with the boy's cuteness.

Netizens are commenting that the three are giving a family-like appearance the way they were captured. Goo Hye Sun looking straight and smiling at the kid while Jaehyun is lovingly laying his eyes on his beautiful bride.

Are we picturing the future of the family this couple will make? Meanwhile, Ahn Jaehyun & Goo Hye Sun are getting married on Saturday (May 21).