'WGM' Cao Lu's Mother Says 'I Like Jo Seho More Than Kim Soo Hyun'

Fiestar Cao Lu once again her affection to her virtual husband and comedian Jo Seho mentioning Kim Soo Hyun. On another variety program, Cao Lu said that Jo Seho has a lot of similarities to the famous actor but in the recent "WGM" broadcast, she makes another comment that would definitely flutter Seho's heart.

In this episode, Cao Lu and Seho went to the Fiestar member's house in China to greet her parents. Seho even prepared a short letter written in Chinese and read it making Cao Lu's parents impressed. To this, Cao Lu's mother responds, "I like Jo Seho more than Kim Soo Hyun," making the comedian touched and makes an aegyo as a gratitude.

Netizens are also impressed and comment, "Seho is very thoughtful.","He is really likable and very thoughtful.","He's very sincere and even prepared a Chinese letter."