Netizens Mistake Jeonghan As Female Model On Seventeen's CECI Pictorial?

Majority of netizens may not seem familiar with Seventeen yet so it's not surprising that Jeonghan be mistaken as a girl.

Seventeen is featured on May issue of CECI magazine and the boys have a refreshing country-side pictorial for their spread. A special 360° behind-the-scene video is uploaded showing the members having fun at their pictorial set and playing some games.

With the 360° feature, netizens can pan in different angles and can capture the boys. However, some comment that they are surprised for a while to spot a female model among the boys, but it turns out that it's Jeonghan.

Jeonghan appears in a blue polo and wears a fedora hat over his undeniably attractive long hair. After realizing, netizens comment, "Not only his hair is long but he's pretty like a girl.","Who wouldn't think he's a girl, he looks pretty with the hat.","I would also think he's a girl at first."

Do you agree? Watch below: