Netizens Find The Perfect Idol Pair Syncs For 'Kimi Ni Todoke'?

K-pop fans really love pairing up idols who they think will make a good pair and this time, netizens have picked up two rookie idols that they think a perfect pair for famous romance anime "Kimi Ni Todoke".

They are none other than Seventeen's DK and GFriend's Yuju.

In a post on instiz, the netizen explains that DK's and Yuju's real-life interaction and personalities are quite similar to the protagonists of the said anime especially that they are classmates.

Moreover, DK is an outgoing guy who always smiles and friendly while Yuju is modest and her appearance resembles the female character. There's also an instance during their graduation day where Yuju greets DK formally leaving the Seventeen member giggling yet flustered because they are actually same-age classmates, creating an awkward atmosphere.

Netizens react, "DK seems so friendly while Yuju is quiet shy!","Oh why are they fluttering my heart?","Why I don't have DK in my class?","Yuju must be shy!" and so on.