Jang Nara's Oppa Proves That 'Vampire' Genes Running In Their Family

While you are still in disbelief that actress Jang Nara is already 36 years old which doesn't show to her youthful and baby-face visual, here's more to that.

A photo of Jang Nara's brother, Jang Seong Won is shared on an online community site. Jang Nara and her brother are looking good but netiznes are in disbelief to find out that her brother is actually 41 years old. They comment, "Yes? 41 years old?", "He looks really young for 41", "What in the world with these siblings?" "Are you sure? He looks 21!"

Apparently, both of them are looking way younger than their age proving that the baby-face genes are running in their family.